May 14, 2024

How to Make Money as a Fashion Influencer in 2024

Tigran Chakhalyan

CEO and Co-founder

fashion influencer creating content

In 2024, the fashion industry continues to evolve, offering fresh avenues to make money as a fashion influencer and turn the passion for fashion into a sustainable income. At the end of the day, it's a market worth $21.1 billion by 2023 reports.

From leveraging the latest sponsored content and affiliate marketing trends to exploring innovative strategies, we'll guide you through the most effective ways to make money as a fashion influencer in 2024. 

Understanding Your Value as a Fashion Influencer

First, to understand how to get paid as a fashion influencer, you must realize your worthWhat are you good at, who's watching, how engaged are they, and what makes you different?  

Here's a simpler breakdown: 

What's your fashion expertise and audience demographics

First, think about what you know best in fashion and how you've gotten thumbs-ups from your followers. Whether through formal study or just a lot of experience, knowing your strengths helps you confidently share what you love.

Then, see who's tuning in. Social media tools like Meta can show you who your followers are, including their age, where they live, and what they like. This info helps you make content that they'll love. 

Evaluating engagement metrics and reach 

Likes, comments, and shares tell you a lot about what works and show you ways to make money on social media. These platforms have handy tools that let you see these numbers quickly. Instagram remains the dominant platform for influencer marketing, as 72% of marketers use it for influencer and creator collaboration. Meanwhile, TikTok's prominence is rising, securing the second spot, with 61% of marketers using it in their strategies. 

Determining your unique selling propositions (USPs)

The number of people reached also determines how much the influencer earns money. If you're reaching a lot of people and they're engaging with your content, that's a big win. It means you're doing something right and that brands might want to work with you.

Figure Out What Makes You Stand Out

Lastly, think about what makes you, well - YOU! Your endless questions on "how to make money as a fashion influencer" end when you find your unique way of standing out in the competition. It could be your knack for mixing vintage with modern or how you find great fashion deals. Knowing this helps you stand out in a crowded space and attract brands that like your style.

Sponsored Content and Brand Partnerships

Sponsored content and brand partnerships involve influencers collaborating with companies to promote products or services. This collaboration can take many forms, from social media posts to blog articles, and is a crucial revenue source for many influencers. 


Here's why they're important and how to navigate them:

Building Relationships with Brands and Agencies

Creating strong connections with brands and marketing agencies is crucial. These relationships mean more opportunities for partnerships that fit your style and audience. It's about finding brands that share your values and interests, making the collaboration feel natural to your followers.

Negotiating Fair Compensation and Contracts

Negotiating the right terms is next once you've connected with a brand. This includes fair payment for your work and clear terms in the contract about what's expected from both sides. Knowing your worth and ensuring the agreement reflects the value you bring to the table is essential. Researching how much you can get paid as a fashion influencer for collaborating with a specific brand might help. 

Maintaining Authenticity while Promoting Sponsored Content

Even when you make money as a social media influencer to promote something, staying true to yourself and your audience is key. Your followers trust you, so you must only endorse products you genuinely like or use. This honesty helps maintain your credibility and keeps your audience engaged and trusting

Affiliate Marketing Strategies

To succeed in affiliate marketing, focus on these key steps:

Find the Right Programs and Products

Pick affiliate programs and products that match what your audience likes. Use platforms like ShareASale or Amazon Associates to find good fits. Bring your audience closer to products with affiliate B2B and B2C platforms such as HopShop. It's a 3-sided platform where subscribers can scan your outfit and find it via the link in your bio. HopShop offers influencers a seamless way to monetize their content using AI technology, automating the entire process from content upload to product tagging. 

This saves time and effort compared to manual methods like individual brand partnerships or using other platforms like LTK. 

With HopShop, creators can focus on creating engaging content while the platform handles the monetization, offering a wide reach of product options and ensuring commissionable links are always up-to-date.

Ready to revolutionize your content monetization? Join HopShop today and let AI handle the heavy lifting, so you can focus on what you do best—creating amazing content!

Be Honest in Your Recommendations

When you talk about a product, be transparent and honest. Tell your audience why you like it and how it could help them. Always mention that your links are affiliate links. Being upfront builds trust.


Use Tools to Track and Improve

Use tools to see how well your affiliate links are doing. This helps you know what your audience is buying and what content works best. Tools like Google Analytics are great for this.

Creating and Selling Digital Products or Services

Creating and selling digital products or services as an influencer involves a few strategic steps. 

Spot What Your Audience Wants

First up, find out what your followers are looking for. This could be through surveys, social media engagement, or analyzing popular content trends. This allows you to create eye-catching content around your product while prioritizing the interests of your audience. 

Sell Smart

Now, you've got something to sell, so set up a sales funnel to guide your audience from awareness to purchase. This means using your social platforms to attract followers to your product and then using targeted ads to convert them into buyers. 

Monetizing Through Memberships and Subscriptions

To monetize through memberships and subscriptions, here's a concise guide:

Set Up Exclusive Plans

Create different membership tiers or subscription plans to cater to various audience segments. For example, Patreon reports that creators with at least three tiers earn more on average, suggesting that variety meets diverse needs and budgets.

Add Value for Subscribers

Offer perks exclusive to members, like early access to content, exclusive videos, or one-on-one interactions. Statista found that exclusive content is a major driver for subscription services, highlighting the importance of unique offers.

Keep Your Community Engaged


Use strategies to maintain interest and loyalty, such as regular exclusive updates, member-only events, or community forums. It has been proved that your existing customers are 50% more likely to try new products from you and spend 31% more, on average, in comparison to new ones.

Engaging in Influencer Fashion Events and Collaborations

To dive into influencer fashion events and collaborations:

Go to Events


Attend sponsored events and workshops. How is this connected to how fashion influencers make money? It's not a coincidence that brands throw parties and invite influencers. For brands, it is a way to increase visibility using influencers' audiences. For influencers, it is great for showing off your style, learning, and meeting brands interested in partnering with influencers.

Collaborate with Influencers

Work with other influencers on shared projects. It's a win-win: you get access to their followers, and they get access to yours, broadening everyone's audience.

Network for Partnerships

Use these events and projects as chances to meet and impress brands. Good connections can lead to partnerships, so be ready to show what you can offer them.

Analyzing and Adapting to Fashion Market Trends

To stay ahead in the fashion game:

Keep Learning

Stay on top of fashion trends and consumer preferences by following industry news and influential fashion figures.

Observe Others

Watch what competitors and other influencers are doing. This can give you fresh ideas and new ways to engage your audience.

Adjust Based on Feedback

Use the data from your posts and your audience's feedback to improve your strategies. More engagement means you're on the right track.

Balance Monetization and Audience Relationships

To balance monetization and audience relationships:

Trust Comes First: Always prioritize your audience's trust and satisfaction over questionable ways to make money on social media. Your followers value authenticity, so make choices that align with their interests and maintain your integrity.

Mix It Up: Keep a healthy mix of promotional and non-promotional content. Too many ads can turn followers off, so ensure you provide value through engaging, informative, or entertaining posts.

Searching Ways to Make Money as a Fashion Influencer? If you still ask yourself, "How do influencers make money?" HopShop is the perfect platform to find your answers and start monetizing! It's a place where influencers earn money from every sale by collaborating with 600 global fashion brands. With an AI visual detector, your followers can easily scan each detail of your outfit and find it on our platform through the link in your bio. 


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