May 26, 2024

A Day in the Life: Behind the Scenes of a Fashion Influencer

Tigran Chakhalyan

CEO and Co-founder

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Ever scrolled through Instagram and wondered what a day in the life of a fashion influencer is really like?

The world of fashion bloggers might seem like an endless stream of glamorous outfits, exotic locations, and trendy cafes. But behind the perfectly curated feed lies a surprising amount of work, dedication, and strategic planning.

This article is your exclusive peek behind the scenes! We'll be following a day in the life of an influencer, from their morning routine to how they capture those stunning photos.

Understanding the dedication behind those captivating #OOTD posts on an Instagram fashion blogger day will shed light on what it truly takes to thrive in this exciting field.

 Whether you're a fashion enthusiast or an aspiring influencer yourself, this glimpse into the "real life" of an influencer will help you understand the dedication it takes to succeed in this exciting field.

So, are you ready to discover what it takes to become a fashion influencer? Dive into this article and get ready to be inspired!

Morning Routine

Forget the snooze button! In 2024, a successful Instagram fashion blogger day starts way before the first outfit post hits the feed. Well-being is key, so you'll be waking up early.

Start your day with a zen moment, some journaling, or a quick yoga flow – whatever gets you feeling inspired and ready to slay!

Next comes your camera-ready glow routine. Gentle cleansing washes away the night, prepping your skin for a hit of hydration with nourishing serums. Don't forget the SPF moisturizer – sun protection is a must!


Stay energized! A quick HIIT workout or a sunrise jog keeps you prepped for your busy day.

Breakfast is all about delicious, nutritious options! Smoothie bowls or protein-packed avocado toasts – all delicious and fueling your body.

Planning Content

The morning buzz fades, and it's time for a fashion blogger to trade self-care for strategy – crafting captivating content is your bread and butter. After all, a successful day in the life of a fashion blogger hinges on a well-planned content calendar.

First things first - get organized! Check your calendar for deadlines, collabs, and shoots to ensure your content plan aligns with your schedule.

Next comes the brainstorming session! Fuel your creativity! Grab a notebook or open your brainstorming app. This is where the magic happens – turning inspiration into content ideas for your posts and stories.

Finally, let's translate those ideas into fashion! With your brainstormed ideas in mind, it's time to select outfits that visually translate and elevate your content. 

Capturing content

Plan in motion, outfits on point – time to capture the content that makes a day in the life of a blogger truly pop!

Photoshoot preparations

Location scouting is crucial! Find cafes, boutiques, or unique backdrops that complement your look.

Props add depth! Hats, sunglasses, scarves, jewelry, or handbags – use them to highlight your outfit and showcase your style.

Capture the magic, solo or together! Working with a photographer can elevate your content. Hold a pre-shoot meeting to brainstorm shot ideas and ensure you're on the same page visually. Going the solo route? Research self-shoot techniques

Capturing Content

Strike a pose! A day in the life blogger isn't just about flawless final shots – it's about the journey! Try different posing techniques to showcase your outfit from various angles.


Make sure your outfit, hair, and makeup match the overall vibe you're going for. Maintaining a consistent brand aesthetic across your whole content builds a recognizable style for your audience.

Don't forget the behind-the-scenes magic! Capture snippets of your photoshoot for Instagram Stories or TikTok to give your followers a glimpse into the creative process behind your feed. 

Collaborations and Meetings

There's more to a day in the life of a blogger than just those stunning photos. Building a strong network opens doors to exciting collaborations and brand deals.

Connect and Collaborate! Attending brand meetings or product launches allows you to network with industry professionals and discover potential partnerships - from showcasing a new clothing line to promoting a beauty product on your feed.

Team Up! Collaborating with other influencers on projects can expand your reach and introduce you to new audiences. Dream up some epic content together and play to each other's strengths – it's a win-win!


Turn Your Passion into Profit! Negotiating deals and partnerships is key to understanding how to make money as an influencer in 2024

Remember, a successful day in the life of a blogger isn't just about captivating content –Long-term success requires more than content.

Evening Routine

The fast-paced day in the life of a fashion blogger can be draining, so unwinding is essential! This is your time to relax and recharge for another inspiring day.

Unwind and Unplug! Take a relaxing bath, unwind with a good book, or do some gentle stretches to de-stress after a busy day.


Reflect and Refine! Take some time to reflect on your accomplishments – did a post go viral? Did you land a new collaboration? Identify areas for improvement.

Plan for Tomorrow's Success! Before winding down for the night, briefly brainstorm or schedule some content ideas for the next day. This will help you get ready for a smooth morning and stay ahead of schedule

Thinking Ways To Elevate? 

Starting from an early morning routine focused on well-being and skin care, to strategic content planning and executing meticulously styled photoshoots, the life of a fashion influencer is packed with dedication and hard work. 

Critical activities include location scouting, outfit selection, and collaborating with photographers and other influencers to produce engaging content.

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